Definitive Proof  of TIME TRAVEL

Finding Specific 1990s Computer Technology Documented in Ancient Texts is Evidence of Time Travel 
says Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg
1990s Desktop ComputerData disk

Similar Technology has been found in over 20 Ancient Accounts

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2014 Academic PAPER   Time Travel Evidence - FOUND

Public WORKSHOP examines 4 Case Studies from the Paper.
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Printed BOOKS - 12 Case Studies

WORKSHOP 2  examines 4 Case Studies from 3 Resource Books.

2015 Academic PAPER   Egyptian Glyphs Depict Computer Parts

Member SEMINAR examines 2 Findings from Egyptian Paper.

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World Breaking Discoveries
World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins is a summary of ten years of discoveries, findings and conclusions by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg (1996 to 2002) and includes some subsequent findings by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly (1998 to 2011)

This book is available as an E-Report (downloadable PDF file format).
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Read CASE Studies -  Surrey Downs  Evaluation Group

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