Paper Workshop 1

Attend our Adelaide Study Rooms

Paper Workshop (1)

You will have read all four Parts of the Time Travel Paper and confirmed all the references and citations for yourself (using the four supplied Check-sheets) prior to attendance as there will not be time during the workshop.

Duration   max 2 hours
                  9:30 - 11:30 AM   or   2:00 - 4:00 PM

Days       Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
                Timetable for 2017 yet to be advised due to storm damage to studio

Bookings      via Email

Payment       in full, in advance by Direct Bank Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Venue   is in the Adelaide north-eastern suburb of Surrey Downs.

Cost       $88  per person
               ATTsg Member  $66

This is YOUR own personal journey of discovery.
  1. Evaluation of the Egyptian Vignette discovery from the Egyptian Paper (part 4).
  2. You will attempt to reproduce the results documented in Part 3 of the Paper (pp331-341) by comparing the referenced verses* to the contents of the cited data disk. As each reference is evaluated, your host will record a YES or NO on the master list (or database). On completion of this task, a tally of these results will enable you to come to a conclusion based upon what you have seen.
  3. Check that Paper's conclusion (pp354-355) with what you observe for yourself.
    * referenced in the 2014 Time Travel Paper (Part 3, pp 38-39 and 312-324)

(Gold and Platinum Members collect their prepaid Resource BOOKs.)

is required as this Workshop will be held in a hired Studio within the grounds of a private residence.

Please NOTE  
Personal photographic and audio/visual recording equipment is not permitted in the Study Rooms.

How to Register and BOOK a Workshop

This Workshop

  • gives you the opportunity to evaluate some Time Travel Paper's findings and conclusions
  • allows YOU to hold and view the evidence for yourself
  • is NOT about the How and When of Time Travel
  • is NOT about Religion, Beliefs nor Faith
  • Is NOT a discussion about Religion, Beliefs or Faith
  • is a 21st Century scholastic presentation of new evidence regarding the past
  • Is NOT a questions and answers session
  • is for persons who have read all four Parts of the Time Travel Paper
  • Allows you to provide us with your Feedback and Comments (for publication)
Be among the first in the world to hold and view the evidence !

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