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In the Christian Bible three writers document their encounter with an ANGEL.

That angel was holding a special 'Book' that contained information regarding the future.

John, in the New Testament's Book of Revelation, notes how this future 'book' had Seven Seals.

He says it was 'written within' as does the Old Testament writer Ezekiel.

Shown the contents of this 'future book' both document their 'visions'
as does the Old Testament writer Daniel (who calls them 'dreams').

That future 'roll of a book' shown to three different people in two different countries,
taken by the Angel throughout time, is religiously known as the Book with Seven Seals.

An Australian researcher extracted over 200 attributes and descriptions documented
by these three biblical writers, 59 from Revelation, 101 from Ezekiel, and 69 from Daniel.

Although these texts and their contents are deemed 'religious' by many people,
this examination is scholastic and is not of a religious nature.

As all modern Bibles may not necessarily reflect the original intended context and meanings,
an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible needs to be checked for original Word Order, then
the Lexicons in Strong's Concordance referenced for the original Word Meanings.

Having returned the Bible's words to their original intended meanings, the type of book was identified.
Then the ancient descriptions were compared with contents of a particular modern book - and they matched.

Researcher Ronald Pegg says he has FOUND and Identified the biblically described 'Book with Seven Seals'.

This News & Information website
  • presents his discovery, in context, verse-by-verse, word-by-word, from start to finish
  • provides references for you to check original word meanings
  • includes an Interactive online Evaluation of the evidence
  • converts all your input responses to a total percentage
  • allows you to compare your conclusion to ours

If you are a serious researcher please allow about an hour and follow the TOUR.

If you just skim read or skip pages you will miss important new discoveries plus the other pages
may not make sense as you may not have the correct context nor relevant information.

The first 5 or so pages take roughly 4-6 minutes each to read while the main two pages may take up to 25 minutes.

The 'Contents Compared' page contains an interactive on-line Evaluation where YOU examine the evidence and give your response.

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