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Accepted explanations of ancient legends are WRONG

Historians have been misleading us for over 5,000 years
Human time travellers were sent back to the past to place warnings.

Using a computer to show particular cd-rom pictures, they instructed certain people they encountered to write down what they were shown and told.

The Egyptian Aten, Papyrus of Ani, and Atlantis stories document these encounters. Nostradamus has encoded specific historical events from a particular 'historical cd-rom'.

All this now forms part of the Time Travel proof documented in the world's ancient texts and legends - including books from the Bible.

UPDATE: January 2020

Due to more interest being shown regarding Time Travel Evidence
in the Bible, the Ancient Legends workshop has been replaced.

Evidence for 5 CASE Studies from 3 Books to be Viewed

Yellow BOOK
Wherein the Genesis writings individual pictures from a modern data disk are documented.

 Blue BOOK 
Wherein the Gospel of Mark sequences of images from the same data disk are reported.

Green BOOK
Wherein the Books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation individual pictures from the same cd-rom are described.

Adelaide Study Rooms
You will attempt to visually reproduce the results documented in the selected Case Studies by comparing the referenced verses to the contents of the cited data disk.

As each reference is evaluated, your host will record a YES or NO on the master list.

On completion of this task, a tally of these results will enable you to confirm your conclusion based upon what you have seen.


Ancient Chronicles Unsealed, A New Perspective, A New Bible Commentary
To comprehend what you will be evaluating in the workshop, you are required to first read the cited Case Studies from our 3 primary Resource Books.
Time travellers showed the named people future information from a certain data disk via a computer they took back with them. The workshop cross-checks documented ancient descriptions.

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Duration:   max 2 hours

Time:   9:30 - 11:30 AM   or   2:00 - 4:00 PM

Days:   Tuesday - Wednesday

Venue seats 10 people.

Payment in full, in advance by Direct Bank Deposit  (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Venue is in the Adelaide north-eastern suburb of Surrey Downs   MAP

Cost:   $99 per person

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The Pegg Project ®

This will be your own personal journey of discovery as you uncover accounts of time travel encounters in many ancient texts and read what has been found regarding prophetic narratives.

As you evaluate the evidence during the WORKSHOP you will be able to form your own conclusions which may enable you to cope with the reality of the warnings.

You may see in Adelaide, South Australia, a unique Voo Doo blue Toyota Rukus. It belongs to the Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group. Their blue Time Travel vehicle is utilized to advertise their Books and Workshops for local residents. You may purchase a set of Workshop Resource Books consisting of three particular books. The first presents the discoveries of Queensland researcher, Ronald Pegg while the other two contain various Case Studies examined by South Australian Eddy Pengelly, including several ancient texts such as those from the Old Testament (Ezekiel and Daniel), Nostradamus, and the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Revelation from the New Testament.