Bible Study
The Book with SEVEN SEALS

Unlike the traditional religious connetations that a study of this topic usually invokes, Australian researcher Ronald Pegg  went in search of the actual physical object held by the messenger described in the New Testament's Book of Revelation.

You can personally evaluate his method and findings via the following two part study

Part 1   READ our Resource Book

Quest for the Book with Seven Seals

Confirm for yourself what Pegg found regarding the mistranslated words of the KJV Bible - by checking for their original Greek meanings as stated in Strong's Concordance.

He discovered other previously unknown descriptions of the 'future book' - in the Old Testament books of Ezekiel and Daniel.

Investigating the first 8 (of 11) reported characteristics of the 'End Time book', he was able to identify what type of 'book' was being reported by these biblical writers.

You need to examine and understand all of this for yourself before you move on to the interactive online Workshop.

Part 2   Conduct online WORKSHOP

Online Interactive Workshop

Knowing the type of book for which to look, the last 3 (of 11) descriptions enabled Pegg to locate the actual 'book' itself.

Presenting over 80 pictures from this modern 'book', your task is to visually check his findings using over 200 content descriptions extracted from the words of Ezekiel, Daniel, and John.

You are able to state your opinion for each described clue as to whether it matches to individual contents of the actual 'modern book' being evaluated - by answering 'No, Maybe, or Yes'.

By tallying your responses and converting them to a percentage, your score will either invalidate Pegg's claim or confrim it.

  What we are offering

Previously this study was offered as a combined Book and Workshop. There were printed resources to be examined first, then a 3 hour hands-on Workshop (R.R.P. $24.95 and $99 respectively).

Now, the PPHC-SG Bible Study has been split into two parts so you can now investigate Pegg's assertions at home on your own computer at your own pace.

1. Background Information, Session Notes, Checksheets, and Handouts have been
    compiled into a book which is to be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file.

2. The personal visual evaluation of the over 200 'sealed book' characteristics and
    descriptions as to whether they match to the 'book' found by Pegg has been
    converted into an interactive webpage.  Minimum screen width is 1140px

The workshop is designed for a minimum screen width of 1140 pixels

Using an Interlinear Greek/English Bible and the Lexicons from Strong's Concordance relevant verses are first checked for their accuracy, their correct Greek meanings, and their context.

It will be your task to make sure Pegg has utilized the original Greek meanings, etc.

PPHC Study Group Bible Study - The Quest for the Book with Seven SealsBook Contents     46 page ebook in PDF file format

PART 1   The Study Process Explained
Premise Explained
List of Comparative Attributes
A Major Complication
Extractions from Revelation - Ezekiel - Daniel
Comparative Lists of Extractions
Combined List of Extractions
The type of SEALED BOOK discovered

PART 2   How to conduct your Online Workshop

Your link to the online workshop page will be on the last page of the book.


Your own personal Journey of Discovery

eBook (in PDF format) plus access to Online Workshop   $66.00 AUD

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