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Growing FUCHSIA Plants in Hanging Baskets, Tubs, and in the Ground

I enjoyed the colour of the flowers, and at the peak of my Fuchsia days I had 25 different coloured plants in over 150 pots and hanging baskets.

Then when consecutive hot summers diminished these down to only 5 plants in total, I planted them in the ground where their roots would not be roasted. Then due to the next summer's heat when I was down to just one plant left in the ground, my Fuchsia days had come to an end.

Growing BULBS in Tubs, and in the Ground

After the devastation of losing nealy all my fuchsias, I decided to move on to growing Bulbs which meant completely renovating my shade house and garden plots along side the house. In these plots I planted Clivia, Dutch Iris and some Boston Ferns alternatively between the surviving Fuchsias.

Now with removable shadecloth and a raised table-like platform in my shadehouse taking the place where the tubs of fuchsia used to reside, I placed a variety of Dutch Hyacinths, Calla Lillies (pink and yellow), Velthemia (Forest Lily), an exotic Alstromeria (Red Fury), a Jacobean Lily (Sprekelia), and a selection of Hippiastrums.

In place of hanging baskets of fuchsia I located Spider Plants, String of Pearls, a Donkey's Tail, and a Hoya. Large pots of Philodendron and Monstera still sat on the ground providing that 'green look'.

Along my back fence I planted Snowdrops, Snake Plants, and Ox Tongue Lillies and spread Rannuclus and Holly Hock seeds in between several Geraniums, Banana Plants, and a tall Cactus.

In my front garden, cascading down the slope surrounding my beds of Bearded Iris and Rose Bushes I arranged Canna Lillies, Agapantha (blue & white), White Belladonna Lillies, Daffodils and Jonquils, Blue Bells, Pink Scillia, Muscari, Bells of the Forest, Pink Belladonna and Arum Lillies (white & maroon).

But all that was over 15 years ago. Now when I look outside, that other yellow flowering bulb appears to have taken over in many of my garden plots and beds. (It makes me 'sob'.)

Other Flowering Bulbs in my front garden

Belladonna Lillies - White and Pink (2011)

A quick October 2015 look around my rear and front gardens

I still have pots of the following bulbs available for sale.

Also: Pink Belladonna bulbs; and Black Arum bulbs.

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