Zouk Back-Story

July 2015 to 2020

A. I first met Irina Yatskova in May 2015 whilst dancing social Bachata in a hotel in North Adelaide. At the time I was unaware that she was a dance teacher.

B. My Brazilian Zouk journey began in July 2015 when I signed up for lessons at her new Adelaide dance school after I saw a Facebook advertisement.

  Brazilian Zouk Classes in Adelaide

C. During my six year journey I also attended the following Adelaide Zouk schools for lessons and social dancing practice.
I would like to give a big thank you to...

Yatskova Dance Studio
for free weekly Dance Practice Parties by the Torrens River, Adelaide (in 2015)

Evolution Dance Company
for their monthly ZOUK NIGHT Social Dances at The Maid Hotel, Stepney

Layssa & Arthur Dance
for their ZouKlub parties at Red Square, Adelaide (in 2015)

D. Outdoor dance practice.

Zouk Dance Practice in public by the Torrens River, Adelaide 22 November 2015


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Zouk Practice   27 January 2016
Amanda and Robb.  VIDEO

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15 April 2016   Studio Social Dance at Yatskova Dance School, Mile End
Irina and Robb.  VIDEO

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17 June 2016   Studio Social Dance at Yatskova Dance School, Mile End
with Irina Iri, and students Josef, Amanda and Robb.  VIDEO

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F.  Dance Level and Health Scare

By September 2016 I had completed the first three levels of Irina's Zouk course, but later as I was progressing through the Intermerdiate level the location of the dance studio was changed, along with the format of the lessons to suit new learner students. This impacted the content of my intermediate course and progress, as some lessons went back to beginner or elementary elements.

An ongoing issue with my heart became more servere, resulting in me missing more parts of lessons due to either nearly fainting or finding it hard to breathe. While I continued to attend social dancing venues, I had to regulate how much dancing I could actually do.

I perservered for nearly two years before I finally had to address the issue. In November 2018 I had a heart procedure for Atrial Fibrillation. I took nearly all of 2019 to regain my stamina to be able to complete a full hour of dance lesson.

G.  Irina and some of her May 2019 Students

16 May 2019   Studio Dance Lesson at Yatskova Dance School, Hilton
Students with Amanda and Robb.  VIDEO

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05 September 2019   Intermediate Lesson
Robb leading Irina.  VIDEO

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H.  Then in early 2020 Covid-19 put us all into lockdown - and that was the end of my lessons for that year.

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