The MAP SCROLL Mystery

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I previously hosted an Ancient Mysteries Workshop on behalf of the Adelaide TIME TRAVEL Evaluation Group.

The resources consisted of Background Information, Checksheets and Session Notes, plus a 1.5 hour hands-on Workshop (R.R.P. $12.95 and $66 respectively).

The covid-19 situation halted these workshops, so from March 2020 these were converted to a two part format - a PDF eBook and online interactive Workshop.

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg discovered a series of clues regarding the same OBJECT being described in or by:
Mesopotamian and Egyptian stories from 3100 BCE,
the Egyptian scribe Ani around 1240 BCE,
the Moses account from 1230 BCE,
the Daniel account from around 600 BCE,
the Revelation description from 95 CE, and
the Nostradamus depictions from around 1550 CE.

That Object was first reported and drawn as a 'map of the known world' such as these:

This study is only available online in two parts, and allows you to follow the clues from ancient Babylon to first century Greece that led Pegg to his amazing findings, which include that the perceived 'Angels' in the Bible were actually human Time Travellers and the reported BOOK was real - and was from the late 1990s.

This non-religious study simply views the texts contained in the Bible as just another series of ancient texts.

The downloadable PDF file plus access to its associated online Workshop can be paid for with Visa or Mastercard. (In Australia contact Robb if you want to pay via Direct Bank Transfer.)

You do not need to attend my hobby rooms to conduct this study.

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