Learn to Play Organ Music

Come and Play Organ Music

or let me Teach you how to play tunes for yourself on this lovely Technics SX-GN6 organ.

Using songs you may know from my extensive music book collection

I can show you how to play the Easy Play way.

  This is Easy Play music notation.

I wear glasses and find it is difficult to see the small notes of standard notation.

- I use Easy Play books so I can see the notes at a glance.
- I start off with songs that I like and want to play.
- I use single finger chords so I can concentrate on the melody.
- My aim is to make my Technics Organ produce the music I enjoy in the simplist
  and quickest manner possible. My goal is not to learn how to read music nor play
  'properly' but to utilize the modern electronic equipment to assist me with my playing.

I would like to help you achieve this too.

Enquiries please email robbshc(at)tt2012.com.au
giving the subject heading as Play Organ Music

Information regarding Robb's Organ Music activities can later be found in the Back Story section.

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