A BIBLE Mystery Solved

Online Study - Download PDF book then conduct Workshop

I previously hosted a Bible Study Workshop on behalf of PPHC Study Group.

The resources consisted of: Background Information, Session Notes, Checksheets, and Handouts; plus a 3 hour hands-on Workshop (R.R.P. $24.95 and $99 respectively).

The covid-19 situation halted these workshops, so from March 2020 these were converted to a two part format - a PDF eBook and online interactive Workshop.

Follow the steps taken by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg as he investigated the mystery of the Sealed Book of Revelation

Unlike the traditional religious connetations that a study of this topic usually invokes, Pegg went in search of the actual physical object held by the messenger described in the New Testament's Book of Revelation.

This two part study first examines the words from the Bible, then moves online to allow you to view the evidence presented to me by Pegg.

He claims to have found a modern 'book' that matches biblical descriptions.

The downloadable PDF file plus access to its associated online Workshop can be paid for with Visa or Mastercard. (In Australia contact Robb if you want to pay via Direct Bank Transfer.)

You no longer need to attend my hobby rooms to conduct this study.

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