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The Pegg Project®

Two Australian researchers

1.   Queenslander Ronald Pegg discovered Evidence of Time Travel Back in the Past.

2.   South Australian Eddy Pengelly validated these claims then made more discoveries

Papers, and Case Study Reports

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Time Travel Evidence

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Video: Modern Objects Back in the Past

Papers: Scrutinize 6 Papers

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Book: as PDF file

Interactive online Workshop

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Findings Summary



Egyptian Papyrus of ANI Describes 1995 Computer Technology

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Three Part - Proof of Time Travel

God and Creation of Genesis

Jesus Stories by Mark



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The Researchers

Ronald Pegg

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Eddy Pengelly

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Video: The Pegg Project - Time Travel Evidence

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News & Information

The Concealed Story in Ancient Texts

Evidence in Ancient Texts

Evidence in the Bible

Proof of TIME TRAVEL - 2 Feature Books

News Releases 2020


The Bible Decomposed

Modern Events in the Bible

God, Creation & Jesus - DEBUNKED

News Releases 2013 - 2017


Astounding Disclosure

The BOOK with SEVEN Seals has been found and identified

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The Consequences of Finding Time Travel Encounters in theBible


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Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group         WARNING


Books, Seminar (video), and Workshop
3 Videos: Traditional explanations of prophetic texts are WRONG
                      Dreams & Visions Workshop
                     The Pegg Project - Time Travel Evidence

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PPHC Study Group         WARNING

Video: Egyptian Glyphs Depict Computer Technology

Bible Study
Quest for the Book with SEVEN SEALS

How a Time Travel Study Criterion was Compiled

DOOPArt 10 Text Interactive online Workshop



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                                                                                                  Books List explains which Ancient Texts

TT2012 Facebook page         Has video: Ancient Mysteries Solved

Online Bible Study and Workshop

The Bible Has Been Mistranslated



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Cash Sales

Archived 2012 Seminar Video: 7 Minutes that will Change Your World

Archived Printed Book Details

Archived 2008 Time Travel Study Criteria


ROBBs Hobby Club

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Ancient Mysteries Examined
5 of Pegg's Booklets: Posted

Online Interactive Bible Study
Quest for the Book with Seven Seals


The Second Witness®

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg   is the second witness


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