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You need to have purchased the 3 Workshop Books and read at least the 5 Bible Case Studies.

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for the Dreams & Visions  Workshop

Adelaide Study Rooms
  • Registration is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis
  • there may be up to 9 or 8 other people present
  • I/we have at least read the 5 Case Studies from the 3 Resource Books
  • gives me/us the opportunity to evaluate those Case Studies
  • allows me/us to hold and view the evidence for myself/ourselves
  • is NOT about the How and When of Time Travel
  • is NOT about Religion, Beliefs nor Faith
  • is a 21st Century scholastic presentation of new evidence regarding the past
  • is NOT a general questions and answers session
  • I/we will need to present my/our Membership Card to enter the venue
  • photographic and/or recording devices are NOT allowed

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* If not available we will suggest other times.

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