Pink Eusebia
Pink Eusebia

    The Australian Fuchsia Society Inc.

                SOCIETY HISTORY

 Adelaide, South Australia 

The Australian Fuchsia Society (AFS) was founded in 1970
on 9th March by the late Mrs Ethel Kempster and a group of
friends with the aim to bring together people who are interested
in fuchsias. 45 people were present at St Matthew's Church Hall, Kensington.
One of the founding members was Mr. Robert Swinbourne - the current Patron of the AFS.

At the May meeting, the Blooms Competition got off to a very good start with 53 entries. September saw the first issue of the Journal published. About the same time a Library was set up when donations of books about fuchsias were gratefully received.

On Saturday 27th November 1971 the first Show was held in St Matthew's Church Hall from 1:30 to 9:00pm. Admission was 20 cents. It was a great success.

For 42 years the AFS served the needs of fuchsia loving folk, not only in our great country, but worldwide. Despite the difficult growing conditions (high temperatures and at times drought) and the vast distances, the AFS provided a service to its members and staged Annual Shows during this time (except for 2009).

At the Society's monthly meetings, members were encouraged to share and exchange fuchsia information and experiences in order to help members grow beautiful fuchsias.

Our Annual Show and Social Garden Visits often rounded off an exciting year with Fuchsias.

Unfortunately due to bad health of many members and falling numbers of people attending monthly meetings, the AFS was disbanded in late 2012.


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