Flowering Bulbs For Sale

After several years of extreme heat that decimated my collection of FUCHSIA Plants, I decided to move on to growing Bulbs.
This meant completely renovating my shade house and increasing my collection of tubs, pots, and hanging baskets.
I am now able to offer a selection of bulbs in pots that flower with the colours Pink, Blue, Orange, and Red.

Flowering Bulbs for Sale

Velthemia (Forest Lily) - pink

$10- each

Cuban Lily - blue

$10- each

Clivia - orange

$10- each

Hippeastrum - Red

$15- each

4 Flowering Bulbs in Pots for Sale

$35- for 4 Pots

Bulbs flower in Spring (varies September to November)

Enquiries and Sales please email robbshc(at)tt2012.com.au
giving the subject heading as Flowering Bulbs

Information regarding Robb's Gardening activities can later be found in the Back Story section.

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