Former Hobbies

Sing Karaoke

SING-A-LONG with backing tunes as the words appear for you on the screen.

Singstar 800 machine

45 disks - over 230 songs

All the above is  FOR SALE - Monitor - Cabinet - Singstar 800 - 2 Microphones - 45 Disks.

Play Games or Do Jigsaws

Skip-Bo   Rummy-O   Boggle

In winter, would you like a Pizza and/or to sit next to a nice warm combustion heater while you play ?

Here is a Jigsaw I did earlier...

Walking Adventures

Down the street to Greenway Reserves   or   a short car trip to Anstey Hill

Robb's Cooking Videos

Just for FUN  each opens in a new window

Dinner for One

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Sultana Surprise

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Chocolate Dip

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