The Australian Fuchsia Society Inc.

                PAST SHOWS

Our Annual Shows are the highlight of the year and each reflect on the enthusiasm and skills of our members.  A nice example of this was our Spring Show in 2003  (off-site page, new window opens)

1971   Saturday 27th November at St Matthew's Church Hall was the very first Show.

1972 - 1988   Shows were held at the larger Catholic Community Hall at St Georges.

1989 - 1995   in the Gym Hall at the Nailsworth High School, Enfield.

Beautiful Fuchsia Swan

This beautiful swan, almost entirely constructed from fuchsias, was the highlight of our 21st
Show held in 1991 in the Gymnasium at Nailsworth High School, Regency Road, Enfield.

1996 - 1998   in the Walter Duncan Hall at the Wayville Showgrounds.

1999 & 2000   St Peters Town Hall.

2001   St Peters Town Hall, but an autumn show instead of a spring show.

2002   St Peters Town Hall, with both an autumn and a spring show.

2003 Autumn Show   St Peters Town Hall.

2003 Spring Show   was held in the Hungarian Hall, Osmond Terrace, Norwood.

2004 - 2010   Spring Shows only, held in the Payneham Masonic Hall.

PICTURES from Past Shows

2007  10th & 11th November at the Payneham Masonic Hall     2007  Pictures

2008  15th & 16th November at the Payneham Masonic Hall     2008  Pictures

2009  This year's show was cancelled at the last minute because of the extreme temperatures
         that were forecast for that weekend. It was deemed that our plants (and members) would
         have suffered, and that few people would have attended.

2010  13th & 14th November at the Payneham Masonic Hall     2010  Pictures

The AFS wishes to thank all those members who have supplied photographs reproduced within this website.