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                2010 SHOW

Spring in South Australia in 2010 was touched by the same weather patterns of late winter - wet & windy - resulting in many areas exceeding their monthly rainfall for both August and September. The first time this had happened in many years.

Unfortunately this exasperated the usual problems of fungal diseases (such as rust) for both general gardeners and growers. On top of this, the reduced number of growers and members available to supply good quality fuchsia plants meant that the format of our usual big expansive Show had to be reconsidered.

A new approach was adopted in order to continue bringing an awareness of the Fuchsia plant to the Adelaide public. The strategy was to host a 2 day Sale of Fuchsias with an area of the hall allocated for 'Display Only' plants.

While many of our long time members were dissapointed with this new game plan, the hall presented a large range of beautiful Fuchsias in baskets and pots. In contrast to previous shows, these plants, once purchased, were able to be taken away by the buyer.
Named blooms were featured in the special Display Only area.


Stages of a Fuchsia explained

Stages of a Fuchsia

Peter Walkley set up this step display to illustrate the
stages to produce a fuchsia plant ready for the Show.



  Tip cuttings are taken from plants, and placed into small tubes
  containing an open propagating mixture of sand and potting mix.

Potted up

  Potted up

  After roots appear at bottom of tube, it is transferred to
  a 125 mm pot with a good quality potting mix.

  A small amount of a 4 to 6 month slow release fertilizer is placed
  in bottom of pot.

Pinching out ends

  Pinching out ends

  As the fuchsia grows, and the appearance of least 2 sets
  of leaves, 'pinching' of stems takes place.

  Liquid fertilizer is also given weekly.

Forming by pinching and feeding
  Forming by pinching and feeding

  Further 'pinching' takes place as plant grows.

  As plant is increasing in size, it can be placed into a larger
  pot or basket containing a premium potting mix with slow
  release fertilizer added.

  Regular weekly liquid fertilizer is also continued.

  Pinching keeps the plant out of flower so allow 10 to 12
  weeks to get the plant into good flowering condition.

Stages of a Fuchsia

  After 4 to 5 'pinches' are carried out, the stems
  are allowed to grow and make flowers.

  Just in time for the Show, the flowers should
  begin to bloom.

    2010 BLOOMS Competition

                     Novice Section       1st............Nancy Clift       [Mavis Stief Award]
                     Member's Choice Award............Nancy Clift